Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Genting Highland hahahaaha


hehe this story is about my experience in Genting Highland aahhh know what it was very exciting, i and my cousins were very happy haha but something i dont like in genting is why there are so many couples there.heehh i dont feel comfart cause they're hugging and just touch2 like that hekhhkhh aren't they fell guilty you know, that's a sin right indians ,chinese and especially MALAYS all the same aren't they afraid of god can them be sure that there;s a time to repent and will live in a long time why they think like that so for those people that haven't repent please repent before the death comes to you. here a story at the genting when i want to ride rolicoster i think my cousin are standing beside me we are queing for the game and infront of us is a couple are touching each other more like hugging then i just simply free talk with my cousin like this' zaynab im your boyfriend do you want to hug me hehe' than the man just look into my eyes like he wants to eat me it was so freaky hehe actually im not doing it in purpose but i hope they will realize their mistakes and repent amin.,....

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