Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How's your english, getting better?

assalamualikum warah matullahiwabarakatuh

hey, i have a problem with my english, sometimes i'm very sad and very envy with those that can speak english well. actually i doesn't like english from standard 1. then my english papers result fall down.and even in my UPSR i got english B. I'm very sad that time but what can i do it's a fate and it's my fault my mother is very2 good in english, i feel so sad cause i can't be like her. . starting last year i've started to love english so now i'm trying to speak english often and write this blog in english. but sometimes when i read an english novel i feel tension because most of the word i don't understand the meaning and have to search it in the dictionary even sometimes i will cry because i feel that i'm so weak in english. I've try to improve myself and speak in english more often but i've no confident with myself because i'm afraid people will laugh at me. so that's all for today bye!

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