Monday, March 7, 2011

EGOISTIC is not a nature

haha hye, i just wanna talk about friends......... just wanna say that if you have friends just love them for Allah not for anything else but if there is something that you dont like that your friend do to you, dont have to tell anybody just communicate with her/him.if you wanna hate your friend make sure that you hate her/him because of Allah. you cant just simply hate her/him just because one mistake daaaaaaarrr.......
are you that perfect to hate your friend just because one mistake.remember all their kindness to you and just forgive them.remember this : your faith is not perfect until you love your brother as you love yourselves. and remember that some of the seven groups that are protected by Allah in the day of justice is 2 friends who are meet, love each other, and split up just because of Allah

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