Friday, July 2, 2010

a cat name baby

hye, everyone
a few days ago,when i reached my house, i found a very very cute cat out of my house
it hide between 2 woods to get shelter cause it raining! i am so happy cause i really love cat
but my family have many problem with cats. my mother doesn't like cats,my sister phobia with cats my brother has asma, and me myself has allergic with cats. but al-hamdulillah i can play with cats and i just have to wash my hands every time i touch my mom does not allow it to enter
the house,so everyday it will meow2 to get food and to call people when it lonely from the outside of the house, i often go out to play and accompany the cat, i feed it and take care of it, until now there's no one wants to claim it. i am very pity for the cat, now when i typing this post the cat is sleeping beside me in the house(without my mother's knowing)hehe!

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