Saturday, April 3, 2010


Last Thursday, my mother pick me up from the school, in our journey back home we stop at several places til we met a boy at the entrance of ukay perdana. my mom gave him a lift, i dont know him but i feel weird when my mother talked to him like my mother know him, then my mother asked him"how was your father, is he well, what is your father doing now? the the boy answered " he's fine now he's working at a restaurant,and his mother make and sell kueh.then my mother asked him ...... and then he said that everyday he doesn't has pocket money for school, and his friends always treat him during recess, (wow what a wonderful friends ) and then bla3 we have arrived, then i asked my brother who is he? then my brother said, his name is Rafiuddin his mother was pure Indians and his father is Indian but born in Malaysia,
his mother cant speak malay but he can, everyday he walk to the bust stop to go and go back home from school,and he start walking to school from 7 years old now he is 13,he try and work hard to go to school, but what about us we can easily go to school but we are so ungrateful cause we go to school just want to play and sometimes searching for a girlfriend, we have to change!!! we go to school just for Allah and to study, we can play but at the same time we learn and take some chance to know Allah better and improve your akhlaq and iman

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