Wednesday, January 27, 2010

then one day, before we went to a place that i not remember(ha ha. before we arrived, we were lost, we go round and round, but cant find the place.and then, the tyers explosive. and accidentally we are at the car shop, then we mat a person that was quite mencurigekn. he told us that he wanted to brought us to the place, that we wanted to go , and suddenly he wore the songkok. we began to fill uncomfortable and frightened. he show my father that he has rm Malaysia and he said he was come to Malaysia too AND THANK GOD ONE MAN THAT HIS TYERS BROKEN TOo, WHISPERED TO MY FATHER THAT WAS ' DONT BELIEVE HIM'. my mother ask us to recite the DOA to protected ourselves from danger, and then, i remember, after all this while, we always happy and not often remember Allah. when we are in danger, we remember Allah, HOW awful is that. an then alhamdulillah Allah saved us, my father did not allow it. but he kept calling my father. luckily my father dont pick it up. and my sister and i always look at the back , if they are following us.but no, then when we arrived the villa, we felt release and happy and so thankful.THE MORAL OF THE STORY ALWAYS BEING CAREFUL AND REMEMBER

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